Greek Club

The Wednesday and Friday night Radiomarathon Greek Youth Club continues to be a popular weekly event. The club caters for Greek Cypriots as well as other nationalities ranging from ages of 18 years old and over. It provides 15-20 members an opportunity to meet in a safe friendly and relaxed environment.

Throughout the year members share a program of activities centered around their interests including lessons and about social and cultural activities that support everyday life skills. The group take an active role in selecting their program.

Discussions are encouraged and welcomed by members, covering topics chosen by them including “Keeping Safe’, “Confidence Building and self Esteem”,”Living Independently”, “Culture and Religion”, to name but a few. These aim to increase members’ knowledge and understanding on issues affecting them and assist them to make confident and informed choices.

This year members have continued with their Greek lessons. They are now able to identify the alphabet, pronounce key words and increased their vocabulary and correct pronunciation. Other workshops have also taken p;ace such as arts and crafts, religious lessons, educational topics such as the cycle of the weather, e.g. the four seasons, and recycling and pollution. This year we have expanded the theme of family trees creating a collage that included family photographs and sharing information which has encouraged a strong family bond. Drama has also been a popular workshop and together the group have worked hard to produce a play about the “Pass Over”. Sports and leisure activities continue to be the most ongoing favourites.

The youth club, after a year’s brea,k has re-established a summer program to the delight of all our members. Some of our trips included a visit to the Cinema, The Lea Valley White Water Centre, Bowling and a picnic at Broomfield Park. Also, this year we have actively worked with Radiomarathon in organising joint activities. In particular we held a Sports Day at Radiomarathon, that both groups from the Greek Youth Club and AQA Services fully interacted in. This was a massive success and great fun followed by a lavish BBQ lunch. The highlight of the Summer Scheme had to be the trip by coach to Southend on Sea, kindly funded by the Greek Youth Club. All service users and staff at Radiomarathon attended and it proved to be an enjoyable and unforgettable day.

Members of the Greek Youth club support and regularly take an active role in assisting during Radiomarathon’s fundraising events, such as the Greek Night, Summer Fete, Radiomarathon Gala, Cypriot Centre Souvlaki night, Show Agapis, and programmes at LGR.

The Greek Youth Club is proud of its history in supporting volunteers by offering opportunities for gaining work experience and developing relevant skills. We in turn are indebted to the valuable contribution made by volunteers in terms of their fresh approach and sharing of new ideas and the positive relationships they form with members.

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