The AQA Unit Award Scheme is a ‘can do’ accreditation scheme for recognising learning and success.  It rewards participants for personal progress and provides students with a formal recognition of their success, ensuring tutors deliver learning outcomes and set clear targets.  The Unit awards scheme is used in over 1000 centres across the UK such as schools, colleges and special educational establishments.

Each Unit clearly sets out:

  • The skills, abilities, knowledge and understanding that a student must learn and any experiences that he or she should have.
  • The evidence that must be provided to show that a student has achieved the outcomes.
  • How each of the outcomes are assessed by Radiomarathon tutors.

Benefits of the Unit Awarded Scheme:

  • Flexibility in rewarding and celebrating success
  • Increasing engagement, self esteem, motivation and performance
  • Promoting
  • Detailed certification showing Accrediting learning and skills
  • A Stepping stone into volunteering and employment

Units Include: We offer a selection of over 100+ pecialised units across our key services including

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