What We Do

Radiomarathon supports young people with a range of learning disabilities in an environment that welcomes and respects all cultures.  The centre is open to the wide community, creating an inclusive and open setting in which we can help our members to reach their full potential and to live happy, fulfilled lives.

Radiomarathon UK aims to develop and maintain the sustainable and inclusive Enfield learning disabilities centre, providing a wide range of activities and training opportunities that meet identified needs and help young people to lead more independent lives.

The aim of Radiomarathon’s annual events are to promote the awareness of the charity within the community and to ensure the Centre continues to grow and develop, as well as to support more young people with learning disabilities.  As a charity it is vital that we increase awareness for Radiomarathon ensuring that much needed funds continued to be raised.

The Radiomarathon Centre in Enfield has now been operational for 7 years, and during this time much has been achieved.  Radiomarathon consists of a dedicated staff team and a supportive and ambitious Board of Trustees.  Since September 201,0 Radiomarathon has been providing a well established and specialist AQA accredited service for young adults with learning disabilities.  This includes Horticulture, Drama and Office adminstration.  Radiomarathon is now regarded as the most sought after care provider in Enfield and won Sainsbury’s Charity of the Year 2011/12.

The centre is a registered charity which runs a  variety of AQA Accredited services for adults with learning disabilities.

Radiomarathon is truly dedicated to improving the lives of people with learning disabilities and their families and carers.  However, funding continues to remain increasingly scarce and it is vital that we are able to maintain the valuable work we deliver to our members.

Radiomarathon would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported this great cause and for enabling the charity to achieve its aims and supporting our vision and dreams.

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