Our Drama and Theatrical service enables individuals to express themselves creatively and to build confidence at all levels. Drama as an art will be used to promote emotional and social change allowing each individual to explore and address issues, as well as begin to understand and relate to a variation of personalities, cultures, differences and equality. Through our active drama sessions, therapy can be implemented using a range of mediums such as costumes, props, improvisation, feelings, states of mind and much more. Drama therapy working interventions can also be tacked in an indirect way to encourage positive and natural development. We aim to work as creative team developing ideas for current and up and coming regular productions from the basis of developing characters, story-lines and scripts.

Our productions will represent relevant topics the team wishes to address throughout their progressing development. Our drama and theatrical group will work closely with the Art and Creative Design group to implement set and costumes design ideas to combine an artistic and imaginative final piece. The stages of each production will be documented in each person’s portfolio which can be expanded into work experience in such fields like stage and costume design as well as acting. Drama will also explore all angles of the dramatic production team from filming, producing, directing, lighting and editing, enabling service users to gain an understanding of each part of their production team. Further work experience can be gained once a favored team part is identified, such as gaining work experience in theatres, editing suites and on production sets.


A few Production Photos


A Movie Production

Art & Crafts

Projects such as costume and textile design, creating pieces for shows and productions for our Drama and Theatrical sessions as well as staging, scene and set design.

Radiomarathon’s Art and Creative Design services are designed to appeal to those not only with an artistic flair but for those who are keen to expand their creative abilities far beyond the basic art sessions. We will work closely with each individual to identify their talents and to create tailor made projects to suit. These will include seasonal themed projects such as designing, constructing and decorating Christmas Grottos or Haunted houses for Halloween events. We will also be taking these seasonal projects into local schools working on integration and inclusion at all levels.

Sessions will expand into the field of design through projects such as costume and textile design, creating pieces for shows and productions for our Drama and Theatrical sessions as well as staging, scene and set design. We will work closely with our fundraising team, creating exhibition and event developments.

Correspondingly, our Art and Creative design service will use photography to explore their imagination and expand their ability to capture still life images as well as document events, such as sports, fashion and events images. These images will be combined into close work with our editorial and printing team to create and design projects such as monthly Readiomarathon magazine, regular flyers, leaflets and newsletters, will be done through animation, graphic design and exploring each clients creative ability to construct documented press releases, advertisements, review stories and much more. Our Art and Creative Design services is aimed at individuals aiming towards employment opportunities within the artistic field.

Football Coaching

Our football Coaching service aims to tackle issues around healthy lifestyles. We aim to work towards individuals reaching their full potential.

Most importantly we hope to build confidence through sports thus implement learning through work experience, Coaching and developing skills in order to be able to instruct, organize an activity with peers using clear and simple language. We also aim to develop the participant’s physical and psychological fitness within all targets agreed, continually evaluating and giving feedback, helping service users to understand and follow instructions, rules and meanings behind football.

This service will also aim to ensure all levels of health and safety are adhere to the highest standard whilst encouraging service users to develop an extensive knowledge through our AQA accredited courses of nutrition, sports injuries, healthy lifestyles, sports science and much more.


Our extensive garden offers a rockery feature, supper house, outdoor cabin classroom, greenhouse, chicken coup, tool shed and numerous vegetables, herbs and fruit growing beds.

Through the years Radiomarathon has seen the development and expansion of a multi award winning Garden flourishing beyond our greatest expectations. The 2013 Garden has been by far the biggest and most extravagant project yet with a revitalised brick laid flooring and an exquisite BBQ oven all built by the trusting hands of Radiomarathon Service Manager Clifford Tolliday and his team of AQA Gardeners. The Garden is also proud to announce the arrival of their very own chickens whom lay an abundance of Free range organic eggs daily. The garden has also seen the development of over 50 new vegetable and fruit plantations thus supplying our AQA Kitchens Service with organic food to cook on a regular basis: emphasising on the teaching method of vegetable growing as a self sufficient development programme.

The garden aims to excel in providing work experience and employment based courses. Through the accreditation of the AQA unit scheme we will be able to offer relevant and practival based accredited units allowing each individual to tailor make a programme. In addition the service will have input around communication and basic skills for life. Our Garden service is also aimed at keen gardeners who would like to expand on their general knowledge and develop their existing skills within our Gardening courses as an educational hobby.



The catering serve offer practical, independent cooking skills for individuals who need to learn cooking, Health & Safety and Food Hygiene in order to live independently.

Radiomarathon’s catering service is aimed at individuals who are aiming to find work related opportunities within the catering field as well as developing independence. The catering service runs from Monday to Friday from 10am to 3pm and will offer practical based independent cooking skills for individuals living in supported tenancies.

Within the service individuals will learn, through AQA accredited courses, all about food hygiene and health and safety, food preparation and skills, how to conduct a recipe, follow instructions and produce healthy meals. Similarly as an expansion on independent living skills attendees will learn to budget and compile a shopping list as well as purchase the shopping with ongoing support. The service will provide a variety of healthy meals on a daily basis for other onsite organisations accessing Readiomarathon and for the service users attending the centre as part of their package.