The catering serve offer practical, independent cooking skills for individuals who need to learn cooking, Health & Safety and Food Hygiene in order to live independently.

Radiomarathon’s catering service is aimed at individuals who are aiming to find work related opportunities within the catering field as well as developing independence. The catering service runs from Monday to Friday from 10am to 3pm and will offer practical based independent cooking skills for individuals living in supported tenancies.

Within the service individuals will learn, through AQA accredited courses, all about food hygiene and health and safety, food preparation and skills, how to conduct a recipe, follow instructions and produce healthy meals. Similarly as an expansion on independent living skills attendees will learn to budget and compile a shopping list as well as purchase the shopping with ongoing support. The service will provide a variety of healthy meals on a daily basis for other onsite organisations accessing Readiomarathon and for the service users attending the centre as part of their package.

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