Our extensive garden offers a rockery feature, supper house, outdoor cabin classroom, greenhouse, chicken coup, tool shed and numerous vegetables, herbs and fruit growing beds.

Through the years Radiomarathon has seen the development and expansion of a multi award winning Garden flourishing beyond our greatest expectations. The 2013 Garden has been by far the biggest and most extravagant project yet with a revitalised brick laid flooring and an exquisite BBQ oven all built by the trusting hands of Radiomarathon Service Manager Clifford Tolliday and his team of AQA Gardeners. The Garden is also proud to announce the arrival of their very own chickens whom lay an abundance of Free range organic eggs daily. The garden has also seen the development of over 50 new vegetable and fruit plantations thus supplying our AQA Kitchens Service with organic food to cook on a regular basis: emphasising on the teaching method of vegetable growing as a self sufficient development programme.

The garden aims to excel in providing work experience and employment based courses. Through the accreditation of the AQA unit scheme we will be able to offer relevant and practival based accredited units allowing each individual to tailor make a programme. In addition the service will have input around communication and basic skills for life. Our Garden service is also aimed at keen gardeners who would like to expand on their general knowledge and develop their existing skills within our Gardening courses as an educational hobby.


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